About us


Showoff ribbon racks are manufactured in the United States by Merbeth Metal Products Inc.  We have been a metal fabricator located in the mid-west for over 45 years and have been producing ribbon racks for over 10 years.  Showoff ribbon racks are proudly displayed in thousands of homes, businesses and universities around the world.


Horse show ribbons are intended to represent an individual’s efforts in riding or showing your horse; triumphs one can be proud of. Now you can proudly display your achievements and remember the memories made with Showoff Award Racks, ribbon racks made exclusively to display your horse show ribbons. Showoff Award Racks are the best new way to display horse show ribbons at your house, your stable, or when traveling at shows or fairs. These horse ribbon displays are a patented, one of a kind ribbon display gaining rapid popularity amongst horse enthusiasts. With 21 different styles of horses in two different sized ribbon display racks to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to represent the true bond between you and your horse. The two different sizes of ribbon display racks allow for the perfect horse ribbon display both inside homes and stables. Horse show ribbons are proudly being displayed in homes and barns across the world with the Showoff Award Racks. Whether you’re a professional rider or just showing for the fun of it, show off those ribbons with a Showoff Ribbon Rack. Browse the selection of horse ribbon display racks available from Merbeth Metal Products on our website. With orders shipping in as little as 24 hours, you’ll have a brand new horse ribbon display in just a few days!